Don and Iggy

Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. is so very pleased with the match made between Don Chester and Iggy! Don, whose name and face is known to many in the West Palm Beach area, is the Assistant Hospital Administrator at St. Mary’s Medical Center.  Don is a friendly, knowledgeable and interesting individual who has never met a stranger.  Don is also a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the chest down; … [Read more...]

Andrew and Motive

With my very first steps my parents observed that I walked on my toes. A plethora of orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, cardiologists, endocrinologists and any other kind of “ists” you might think of and I still have a severely altered gait. I’ve had 6 corrective surgical procedures; my leg muscles remain atrophied, my calf muscles are prone to severe spasms and this results in my … [Read more...]

Maryanne and Jac

My decision to pursue the avenues of acquiring a service dog agency came after a year of poor health issues. I fell during a routine transfer and fractured my femur. During that fall my wheelchair, with my telephone in the front pocket, rolled away from me. I was home alone; therefore, I needed to crawl across the floor with a severely broken leg to get my phone and call 911. The fall caused me a … [Read more...]

Jodi and Rosarian Academy

“We look for degreed and certified staff members who bring enthusiasm and motivation to the school.” Although new-hire Jodi fits this description found on the “Employment Opportunities” section of Rosarian Academy’s website, she is not your typical employee. Jodi is a three-year-old Golden Retriever who recently joined Rosarian full-time. Assisting the school’s principal, guidance counselor, … [Read more...]

Janice & Mysti

“I have been physically challenged and using a wheelchair since 1998. I have raised two sons who both served in the United States Marine Corps. I have lived alone for many years and always dreamed of having a service dog so it was a true blessing when I received Mysti! She first and foremost has replaced a void of loneliness in my heart. She is so loving, and we have not been apart since the day … [Read more...]