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Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc.

The dawning of a new life of independence for people with disabilities.

Mission Statement

The mission of Genesis Assistance Dogs Inc. is to provide ability and independence to transform the lives of people with disabilities, through the training and placement of highly skilled assistance dogs in Florida for children and adults.


Our vision is for people with disabilities to realize their full potential through the dedication, service and companionship of a highly skilled assistance dog.


Focusing on individuals with mobility challenges, Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. helps adults and children with disabilities realize greater independence through the careful breeding, selection and training of highly skilled assistance dogs in Florida. We offer regular, ongoing support to each individual client, and are proud to offer our assistance dogs at no cost to the client.


We believe our clients, our dogs and all our partners always deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and kindness. We believe a partnership between an assistance dog and a person with disabilities is a transformational relationship for both, and we are dedicated to supporting that special bond.
We believe that the increased independence an assistance dog brings to a person with disabilities benefits not only the individual but the entire community.
We believe in educating the public on the benefits provided by assistance dogs and the protocol for interacting with an assistance dog team.

Areas We Serve

We provide service dogs throughout the state of Florida.

Cities we serve include, but are not limited to:

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