Assistance Dogs in Florida don’t always get needed exercise.

Assistance Dogs in Florida don’t always get needed exercise. As I watch Andrew and Motive working and enjoying time together in the pool, I am reminded once again of the importance of keeping your assistance dog healthy and fit. Motive has always struggled with his weight. Our vet has worked diligently with Andrew to develop a feeding plan that would help Motive lose ten pounds, and for a time it … [Read more...]

Air travel with an assistance dog.

For many travelers, flying has become less and less enjoyable as the years have passed. Imagine the complications you may encounter when traveling with your assistance dog. Andrew and Motive took a trip to Atlanta in May, 2018. It was their first flight together as a service dog team. It was fraught with challenges despite the appropriate preparations. Air travel with an assistance dog requires … [Read more...]

Your application for an assistance dog from Genesis would be denied if…

If you are seeking a medical alert dog for conditions such as epilepsy, seizures, diabetes, cardiac problems, hearing or vision problems, your application for an assistance dog from Genesis would be denied. While medical alert dogs are indeed considered to be service animals, Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. does not train dogs for these disabilities. People who are seeking an emotional support … [Read more...]

You can be a Genesis Assistance Dogs Puppy Raiser

Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. is looking for a few good women/men/families who are willing to meet the challenge and help us to get our mobility assistance dogs fully trained and equipped to help those waiting to regain their independence.  If you have ever thought about getting involved in something that is unique, challenging, rewarding and fun, this is your "Golden" opportunity!  … [Read more...]

Retiring Your Assistance Dog

We all imagine the day we will be able to turn off the alarm, roll over and start the day when we want to. Ah, to dream about retirement. No one knows for sure if assistance dogs dream about their retirement, but there will come a time when a service dog will no longer be able to perform the tasks that they have loyally provided to their human counterpart.  If you are a person who is paired … [Read more...]

What kind of service dog is that? Genesis Explains!

One of the most frequently asked questions of our clients and puppy raisers is "What kind of service dog is that?"  If a Genesis Assistance Dog is accompanying his human who is in a wheelchair the answer may appear obvious. In reality, the answer is much more complicated that many people realize.  People who are wheelchair bound rely on their assistance dog for many things. The dogs are … [Read more...]

Welcome Atticus! Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. Introduces Our Newest Arrival!

The Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. family is thrilled beyond words as it introduces our newest arrival! Welcome Atticus! Atticus joins us from the amazing Cloud 9 Goldens in DeLand, Florida.  Under the watchful and loving eyes of Megan Cloudman and her daughters Emily and Izzy, Atticus and his siblings spent the first 8 weeks of life being nurtured by this terrific family.  He was … [Read more...]

Lake’s Training Continues: Focus Is Key!

As Lake's training continues: focus is key! One of the things that amazes people when they encounter an assistance dog out in the world is the dogs ability to ignore the distractions of everyday life going on around them.  Assistance dogs must be able to remain completely committed and on task to provide optimal service and reliability to their human companion. Lake's current puppy raiser, … [Read more...]

Assistance Dogs: The Different Types of Service They Provide

At Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. we believe that being an educational resource for our community is an important component of what we do. Whenever you see one our dogs around town either with one of our clients, or any of our puppy raisers accompanied by a puppy in training, you are seeing a Mobility Assistance Dog in action. Genesis only trains mobility assistance dogs for our clients. It's our … [Read more...]

Lake’s Growing Into a Wonderful Assistance Dog!

Lake’s growing into a wonderful assistance dog.  His training is advancing beautifully. It’s hard to believe he’s almost 10 months old already. Lake has moved on to our next Genesis puppy raiser family and is keeping very busy.  The Burger family includes Lake in every errand and outing and he loves every minute. His ongoing training requires daily reinforcement of behaviors he has … [Read more...]