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Considering a service dog?

October 13, 2015

The decision to apply for an assistance/service dog is one that should be given great consideration from a variety of perspectives. In this blog I want to share my family’s experience and hopefully provide you with some insight into the types of things you should be honestly discussing with family and friends before you submit […]

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Motive and the Beach

August 23, 2015

Let me begin by stating that neither Andrew nor I have been to the beach in over 5 years. The ocean has always been our ultimate Zen spot. The smell of the breeze, the sound of the water gently lapping the sand, the distant sounds of children laughing combined with the feel of the sun […]

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A Mom’s Observation: Navigating the hotel scene with an Assistance Dog

August 3, 2015

When my son Andrew was paired with a gloriously intelligent and quite handsome 3 year old Golden Retriever as a service (assistance) dog I was so excited for both of them! Motive is always right there to help Andrew get up from the sofa, or out of bed by providing his sturdy bracing. “Mo” is […]

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