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Donate a Little. Provide a lot to Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc.

March 10, 2016

If you’re a dog lover you are more than aware that the cost of providing the best of everything for your beloved pet seems to be rising exponentially. This is also true at Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. The rising price of food, a feeding bowl, water bowl, treats, toys, bedding, flea and tick prevention, grooming, […]

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Etiquette for Service Dog Interaction

March 3, 2016

If you have never met someone with a service dog in Florida, you will no doubt want to reach out and engage the dog and his companion. As with most situations encountered in life, there is a proper etiquette that is strongly recommended as the appropriate way to interact with a service dog team. At […]

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Hidden Ways Service Dogs Help The Disabled

February 26, 2016

The support that we can see offered by services dogs in Florida to their humans is amazing. Did you know that there are hidden ways service dogs help the disabled? Have you ever seen a service dog working with its companion? It’s such a beautiful thing! At Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. we believe that our […]

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Eagle, Service Dog In Training

Household Items Harmful to Service Dogs

February 17, 2016

Service Dogs in Florida are amazing. Highly trained, loyal and dedicated, they are a blessing to those they work with. Contrary to popular belief, however, service dogs are not invincible. There are many common household items that are harmful to service dogs. They can easily be injured by items that you might not be aware […]

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Can an assistance dog help your loved one?

February 10, 2016

Gone are the days where assistance (service) dogs in Florida were only used by the sight impaired or blind individuals. Today’s assistance dogs are as diverse in their training as the people they provide service to. At Genesis Assistance Dog’s, Inc. we specialize in the training of assistance dogs to serve individuals who are challenged […]

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Service Dogs accessing public places

January 24, 2016

Service Dogs accessing public places can be quite an ordeal at times. Andrew & Motive recently experienced two incidents that were really anxiety inducing. Motive wears his harness at all times when he and Andrew are out together. There’s a Genesis Assistance Dog emblem and a “Service Dog Do Not Pet” notice mounted on the […]

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No cost giving helps our assistance dogs!

November 2, 2015

Honest! It seems too good to be true, right? If you are a fan of on-line shopping (and you should be,)there is a way that you can do all of your Holiday shopping at your favorite stores and help us continue to provide service dogs, training and support to our clients. It takes 90 seconds […]

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Service Dog Mysti Plays Frisbee

Service Dog Mysti Lets Off Steam

November 1, 2015

People frequently ask if service dogs are always “on duty?” The truth is that every service dog needs time to unwind! Genesis Assistance Dogs are always provided outlets to relax, get some exercise, have fun, and be a dog. Our gal Mysti loves to play frisbee which is evident in this video. All of our […]

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Genesis Service Dog Team

Considering a service dog?

October 13, 2015

The decision to apply for an assistance/service dog is one that should be given great consideration from a variety of perspectives. In this blog I want to share my family’s experience and hopefully provide you with some insight into the types of things you should be honestly discussing with family and friends before you submit […]

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Motive and the Beach

August 23, 2015

Let me begin by stating that neither Andrew nor I have been to the beach in over 5 years. The ocean has always been our ultimate Zen spot. The smell of the breeze, the sound of the water gently lapping the sand, the distant sounds of children laughing combined with the feel of the sun […]

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