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What kind of service dog is that? Genesis Explains!

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One of the most frequently asked questions of our clients and puppy raisers is “What kind of service dog is that?”  If a Genesis Assistance Dog is accompanying his human who is in a wheelchair the answer may appear obvious. In reality, the answer is much more complicated that many people realize.  People who are wheelchair bound rely on their assistance dog for many things. The dogs are specifically trained to help open doors, cabinets, and retrieve dropped items. They can also be trained to turn light switches on and off, find cell phones…the list can go on. The confidence and support provided by these animals makes a monumental difference in their lives.

A client who is walking alongside an assistance dog using a harness is being provided stability which allows him/her to walk without fear of losing balance and falling. Their dog will provide assistance in getting up from the floor and furniture. These dogs help reduce the energy expended during the action of walking thereby increasing the stamina of their human to ambulate further distances. These dogs are also trained to assist with retrieval of dropped items, etc.

What Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc provides

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Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. trains mobility assistance dogs who provide the types of services listed above.  We receive many inquiries about whether or not we can provide other types of service dogs – our focus is to provide assistance dogs to the mobility challenged of our community.

Easy Reference Guide

We thought it would be useful to post the chart below as a quick reference guide.


                                                       Quick Reference Guide

*It’s important to note that medical alert dogs fall under the category of service dogs – but Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. does not provide service dogs who are trained for diabetes alert, seizure alert, hearing impaired, vision impaired or other types of medical alert dogs.

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