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Welcome Atticus! Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. Introduces Our Newest Arrival!

Welcome Atticus!

The Genesis Assistance Dogs, Inc. family is thrilled beyond words as it introduces our newest arrival! Welcome Atticus! Atticus joins us from the amazing Cloud 9 Goldens in DeLand, Florida.  Under the watchful and loving eyes of Megan Cloudman and her daughters Emily and Izzy, Atticus and his siblings spent the first 8 weeks of life being nurtured by this terrific family.  He was socialized with a litter of beagles who were born at almost the same time.  Things were bustling this summer at Cloud 9 Goldens!

Atticus traveled from DeLand to West Palm Beach beautifully and has settled in right alongside Eagle. Eagle is currently with Charlie and Jeff while his partner Gayle is recovering from surgery. Eagle has jumped right into the role of mentor for little Atticus and along with frequent visits from Lake and Oliver our newest boy is really learning quickly!  He mastered the doggy door in 24 hours and has already learned how to climb and descend a full flight of stairs. You can check out the video of his first trip upstairs below.

Needless to say, the Eagle household has been very busy with our newest arrival and all of our Golden’s in training popping in and out and we are so happy to report everyone is right on target with their individual training goals.  Our Training Director, Jennifer Bielen has been equally busy keeping up with our eager students and their respective puppy raisers.  Eagle’s assistance for Gayle is being maintained with frequent wheelchair sessions and visits to Gayle as she is recuperating.  Lake is doing remarkable work with the Burger family and continues to socialize well with the many activities he attends with the Burger’s.  Oliver is working well for his puppy raiser, Jim and together they are achieving the goals set by Jennifer.  Genesis is so appreciative of our puppy raisers and all the hard work that is put into loving and training our dogs. 

We’ll be sharing much more as our newest arrival explores the world around him and continues to settle in to the Genesis family.

Please enjoy a glimpse of Atticus’s first week home!


I can’t believe how big this is!

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